Kirupa.. I need you

:slight_smile: … to check out my sticky post in the test forum.

I’d like your opinion, and permission to post it at the head of each forum of the site and sticky’ed there.

Spell check please (though I already did.)

Let me know if it goes to far… not far enough, what ever you like. A number of us have already taken a look at it, and offered suggestions.

Hey upuaut!
The guidelines are great :slight_smile: Should we delete the current ‘cracked, hacked, software…’ threads near the top and replace them with this? I will make the changes once I get back from school!


I can do it. As long as you’re good with it, I’ll go ahead.

Ups, your sig isn’t loading? your server still down?

thanks upuaut! I really appreciate it :slight_smile:


Hey Jubba… yeah… seems that way. Been having intermitent troubles for a week. I’m going to have to ***** at someone soon.:slight_smile:

Next time your in my neighborhood, check out my new Javascripts. I found a ticker and a neat poll last night. I placed your site prominently in my ticker and it looks pretty cool if I do say so myself. tehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Would you mind taking a look at the two items cause I have this question for you; Do you know of anyone who can write the FULL javascripts for something like this? On my side there is only like 10 lines of code. Do you have any idea how big the other side of the code is?
How hard is it? Because they have this ticker of theirs on 276,000 websites! And I would like to do the same, make a ticker script available with my own stories from my site and allow people all over the net to place my ticker on their sites, thus bringing me tons of traffic.

So do you know anyone who could do this? (Or anyone else for that matter, thats what th et al stands for.)Please let me know cause its pretty neat stuff as far as name recognition. If I put you anywhere else on my site, I might as well just name it :wink: I have some ideas you might like about that little corner you have on my front page-if you drop me your e-mail I will send them to you there and see if you approve. Send it to my box if you can. [email protected]


The poll has no security though. I was upset when I first saw their poll, the question was should there be a 9-11 investigation. DUH! (You know how I feel about that one) It was 52% for, 48% against. Well, the poll was still new enough not to have that many digits yet. So I made a few clicks and brought the numbers to; 81% for an investigation, and 16 against, with 3% that don’t have opinions. The numbers seem to have held through the night. Which shows a lot of things, but one thing is that polls aren’t worth a hill of beans.