Hi guys im new to Kirupa, can some one tell me how do i embed a video in flash


Can some one tell me about video embed in flash.

  1. if i have a raw Avi file or Mpeg file, first most important which software do i edit to cut down the movie in 3 minute mpeg file, im comfortable with Adobe premier.

2)once i get the file converted to mpeg 3 min film, what is the next step, i have purchased flv converter form the net. so should i convert the mpeg file to flv, and then embed into flash ??
is the best way to edit and get good quality video for the internet.



depending on the quality you want to achieve you can either encode an MPG in H.264 using a variety of tools and then just rename the extension to .flv or use the Flash Import Video for lower quality…

some links: