Hi i'm novice

hallo i’m italian sorry for my bad english

Please see this site: http://www.lddots.com
http://www.oregonway.it (it’s old!)

talkme what you think about my recent site
thank you 1000!!!



Why did you say your a novice. Your iddots website is just as advanced as anything else I have seen. Wish I could read the language. Very cool site.

Thank you very much but i’m not a good flasher! in kirupa.com are many spectacular site!!!

Bye Bye syntax!!!


Nice site, Michele. I only checked the lddots one, and it’s very well done. But there’s one thing that bother’s me: it too darn green!! Anywhere I look, there’s something green looking back at me…

pom :asian:

thank you i try to change some colors in the site! please visit also www.caffedelteatro.it

thank you very much!!!


You must really like green. :stuck_out_tongue:
Just kidding
I noticed your miu-miu was all green also. On your iddots site my cursor got stuck on your bgm slider. It wouldn’t stop following my cursor and I couldn’t click on anything else. Also I would mabye change your music, mabye to something wit ha jungle beat to match your site. All and all a very nice site.

I totally dig the http://www.lddots.com site! :slight_smile: Excellent use of 3D graphics! :slight_smile:

thank you very much aenima!!!:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

molto impressionante!

i thought i was a novice!! obviously there’s a lower level!

you don’t like my site???
i don’t understand your comment j0se

no, no!! i LOVE your site!

i only meant that my own skills as a novice are very poor compared to yours!

sorry for the confusion

thankyou very much jose you’re too gentle!!! see the site now www.lddots.com, i’ve translated the contents and i’ve insert a new homepage!!! byeeeee

I liked your sites, specially ‘more or less’.
So, there´s something that will improve your sites: use bitmaps fonts. Enter http://www.dafont.com and choose some good fixed size fonts.

thank you amsted i try now!!!1

totally slickk! the lddots one. but y does the webs go “Impossibile visualizzare la pagina” - impossible visualize…? bah!

:-\ sorry but the server don’t run correctly try now!!!

ok= :nerd: