Hit dead end with my site, need to add contact page to gallery

Alrighty, I’ve hit a dead end. I have been learning/building/working on this gallery for a while, trying to get every piece working as I go. Thanks for everyone’s help. I have most everything working, except now I can’t figure out what to do to get my contact/bio page up. I have the galleries working off of XML, but that won’t work with the contact/bio page, it won’t be built as images, it will probably be a scrolling window with lots of information.

From working on other sites, I know I could use loadMovie that would let me add transitions between the galleries, and add a nice custom contact/bio page. However, my final goal is to get this site working with PHP so I can upload a new gallery and images just by dropping a folder with the images on my server. It seems to me that I need to rework the galleries, and make them work off of an XML file as well. With that in mind, how do I dig myself out of this hole?

Here is the site: http://www.jbnight.com/flash/gallery.zip

Thanks for your help.