Hmm? _root? tellTarget? ...? Little problem!

I’ve been trying Pom’s new tutorial about the infinite menu, Well I’am making a calendar now for my school, and I’m stuck

I’ve finisched october, and november and with the help of my infinite menu , aarggh, I can’t explain. Just download the fla. and then try to go to Novembre, that doesn’t works!:smirk:

You tell the _root to go to the label “november” but it doesn’t exist…

pom :cowboy:

Huh? How do I fix it then? :q:

Well, you’d have to put the “november” label in the main timeline. But I think it would be better to have all the months contained in a movie clip. That way, the menu won’t “jump” every time you go to a frame. Then you’d have a movie clip with 12 frames, stop() in the first frame, and labels on each frame. Then your buttons would gotoAndStop in that movie clip. See what I mean?

pom :cowboy:

A bit, As I see you wouldn’t work with 12 scenes, but with 12 movieclips. Still I do not understand how to do that. Sorry for me beeing this bothering =)

I’ll try to do it that way Pom! I’ll keep you updated! and tnx:beard:

One more question because i think i got it right!

If you download the kalender you’ll see a calender (in dutch, sorry)

And it auto-start on oktober, now my question: if the month november has started is it possible to let him auto start on november??? :q:

tnx :o

oops forgot to add the fla. :rambo:

here’s my calendar, it jumps automatically to the month of your computer-clock. Tell me what you think.