Ho do you create shadows?

please help

oh yeah i forgot, i am talking about photoshop

be more specific.

you could use the blending options and do a drop shadow there.

in photoshop, i used of the logo tutorials to create my logo, at the end of the tutorial it said you can also add highlights and shadows to the logo,


like i said the *blending options *(right click your layer in the layer pallete, and there should be blending options) then in the window that pops up, find drop shadow, and play around with the settings there. good luck! :slight_smile:

copy layer
convert it to black
skew diagonally

similar to what sen said you can cntrl+left click the layer, create a new layer with the selection in place, use the paint bucket tool to fill the select with black on the new layer. Deselect the selection. Now gaussian blur your new black layer. Play with the opacity and positioning. That is an alternative to using a layer style previously discussed.

wow… I’m getting ps in less than a week, and you have to do that much! wow…
I thought ps was supposed to be easy for things like that

it just sounds hard…it is not. It is just that there are more than one way to skin a cat when it comes to PS.

lol, I guess I’ll get used to it really fast…

basic drop shadows are easy enough - thats done with layer styles as mentioned above. Its like, dbl-click layer and hit a check box - thats it. Depending on what kind of shadow you want, though, your approach can differ. I just gave another alternative.

I see… I’m gonna like this ps :smiley:

you dont have ps bombing? you could get a trial of CS at the adobe website…

I did… it expired, but the eigth I’m getting it for my b-day :smiley:


im gonna try this one…but how do you convert to black? how do you fade?

Highlights and shadows… well that’s not the same as a drop shadow. To do highlights/shadows it’s best to actually airbrush those in. IMO anyway. If you don’t know how to airbrush, you can use the dodge and burn tool. What you’re asking is kinda vague since we don’t know what type of logo you’ve done.

Here is the big misconception about Photoshop… is everyone seems to think it will do EVERYTHING for you. PPL are gonna have to get their hands dirty.

To convert to black you take that layer, or layers turn on the layer transparency option and just fill black.

agreed, I often use my way to make shadows, because you can perspective the shadow easier, feather/contract/expand the selection and use colors if you want to simulate colored lights. There is another method getting off into masking ond or alpha channels but I dont want to scare your off…lol

Instead of just blur, I use gaussian blur… just an idea.