Shadowing on Adobe Photoshop 7.0

I dont know how to do this, anyone know how? And also, if I try and do it on the background layer, it wont let me :frowning:

your question is very vague

so my answer will be very vague:

  • Yes.

Shadowing can be done by double clicking the layer (not the name) and going to Drop Shadow.

Background layers are usually locked, so double click on them to unlock them (you’ll have to rename it )

nothing better to do huh?

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I agree with faster’s answer.

There are many ways to do shadowing.

I prefer to select the object, dup it onto another layer and use the transform tools (and opacity, etc).

Double click the bgrd layer then click ok and that will make it into a editable layer. Or just duplicate the layer. The new layer will be editable.

As far as shadowing, it can be done with layer styles or blurring, So yes your question is ery vague


well i’m not him but i will suggest why i often prefer to manually create my shadows - you have much more control over what you do… not only can you control color, blending mode, opacity (all which i know you can do in layer styles) but you can do stuff like stretch sections of it, mask, vary the opacity and stuff… not really necessary for stuff like drop shadows on buttons, but as soon as I start doing photo manips or anything like that I find it very handy.

and if you ever need to make the shadow describe a surface, you NEED to use things like liquify or transform to accurately treat bumps or changes in the surface. as i said before, i know it’s not usually necessary for ‘interface’ kinda stuff.

Thank you

that’s the problem . . . it wasn’t wit, it was attitude,
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P.S. DDD response was an answer.

wtf? what the hell is happening here?
i prefer to use blending modes and add the inner and drop shadows, much easier to make the shadows with these tools

what, so every word on this forum has to help someone in some way now?

Over the last couple of days each of my responses have been attacked by someone. And it has been a different person each time.

What is going on?

Can’t we respect each others input, even if we don’t agree with it?

When I first visited these forums I thought they were pretty cool and people were helping each other. But the longer I stay the more I see that it is like a shark feeding frenzy.

I come to these forums to first LEARN, and secondly if I have some knowledge I am glad to share.

There is some awesome posts in these forums and most of you know a bazillon times more than me. (I want to learn 3-D and Illustrator and I need to learn Flash better, etc).

Can we lower our egos and help each other instead of insulting and tearing down?

Okay, in response to this topic IlikePie answered pretty good as to why I do it another layer:

  1. Shadows often are stretched (especially early and later in the day when the sun is lower on the horizon). This gives me more power to use the “warp” tool to make it look more realistic.
    If a shadow hits a vertical object doesn’t it climb it, and usually at a different angle?

  2. Putting it on another layer also gives me the freedom to use the “displace” so the shadow looks like it is meshed into the texture of whatever it is falling on. (instead of just laying on top with opacity lowered).

  3. My college professor where I took one year of PS would of tore my project apart for just using the “drop shadow” effect.

  4. I use the “drop shadow” effect mostly for text and shapes. But for images that I am trying to make look real I use the new layer.

okay, let the flaming begin on this response… :mu: (i will listen to something else)

No, but being polite never hurts, obviously Serfina25 is new . . they have like 2 posts, so chances are they don’t know procedure.

Plus I am pretty sure ( I didn’t check) but I think everytime you asked a question, no one gave to attitude but instead tried to help you in the utmost way. No you don’t have to help anyone at all, but if all you have to contribute is tude . . . keep it.

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Chill out, and just focus on what you do and say (-: this is how little arguements snowball and eventuate into bans.

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How is that attitude?

your question is very vague

so my answer will be very vague:

  • Yes.

I got a quality chuckle out of it.

if its function you want then I still win, from now on serina25 will know not to ask substance-less questions that we can’t base any answer on…

And when I ask questions i ALWAYs try and give enough information so that people can help me, and if people just want to be a-holes and post random useless garbage, then all the better I’d rather chuckle every now and then then a whole bunch of lengthly nerdy responses to everything. It really doesn’t matter, this isn’t a university term paper, its a gosh-darn online forum, and with that I will excerise my freedom of speech and chime in every single moment I think a useless inappropriate message is needed, and you cant really do anything about so dont concern yourself with it. relaaaxxxxxxxx

I look forward to you to taking your own advise.


Why do you feel it is a contest, you don’t have to . . . I am not in it for any personal gain, I just thought that first contact by someone to a new forum should be met with at least a hello . . . . . not tude surely you can respect that?

well I guess you taught them a lesson then . . . Bravo, nice going.

cool . . I try to as well but some people are not as savy as others . . .
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and don’t kid yourselves, it wasn’t humor

It was humor, obviously many people thought it was funny.

And @ faster, her request was pretty clear IMO, despite her lack of punctuation. I was able to answer her anyway.

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