The plantation’s owner claims the hog weighed 1,000 pounds and had 9-inch tusks. But few people have actually seen the hog – the only proof being a photo that shows the dead beast hanging from a rope.

So…who’s up for the annual kForum BBQ? It’ll be in Georgia!

is there pork on the menu?

Whatever makes you ask that :nat:


something smells fishy in the picture… ;P…

What’s that thing hanging from? :h:

lol… and when I came here I thought it was gonna be somebody complaining about mozilla :stuck_out_tongue:

Boars are scary things. I was running out in the wilderness in Hawaii once and turned a corner to find a baby boar standing there. I turned and ran as fast as I could.

Baby Boar means a Momma Boar isn’t far off.

Count me in :thumb:

This boar once shot trough a fence right in front of our car to the other side of the road. It had amazing power, it just ran right trough a fence in front of our eyes :puzzle: I see why you’d run as well.

Hey, how did you get my ex’s picture and who the hell tied her up like that…b***h wouldn’t let me do it :wink:

so did I :slight_smile:

I’ve killed a boar for Luau back in Hawaii and we had to shoot that thing in the head twice then cut it’s throat because it was still fighting.

Well that’s a lovely image ethan.

Yeah I know it’s pretty grim. With that all being said. Hawaiian people have a respect for animals and that pig was meant to be put down in the quickest way possible. So that is why it was shot in the head. The guy who cut the pig did it because the pig wasn’t dying and was suffering.

And those things are MEAN. Crazy Hawaiians like to bow hunt them. Tusks are worth gold there. You know how in some places you go into the little local grocery store and see photos all over the board of people holding up an elk or something? In Hawaii its boar. Or a big a** fish with a complicated name. :stuck_out_tongue:

dude… Imagine a turd that thing could lay… :x

Well, it could also be a really good hoax. Nobody did see it alive :slight_smile:

Thanks for the image.

Ditto. If I dream about that in an hour or so (when I’m sleeping) you’ll be held responsable.