Holiday/Vacation Thread and Whatnot

So the holidays are upon us and that means (usually) a few days off. I know some of you are in school still so that means usually a week vacation or whatever. I was just curious what you are all going to be up to. I am sure this place is going to be dead as hell over the next week or so.

Even though I have a sick setup at home I barely ever come here when I am not at work. So here is what fester will be up to.

Christmas eve I am doing the family thing with my tiny family (Old man and two sisters)

Christmas Day I will be doing absoloutly nothing. In the past I would go to the family of whoever I was dating at the time. Single this year so Christmas will probably entail sitting around the Xbox, PS2 or Cube playing games drinking beers until my roommate gets home. Then we plan on going to the Chinese food restaurant right near my house to shoot some pool, get hammered and reflect upon how much we detest Christmas.

I am off of work from the 24 until Jan 5th!

Its the Twelve days of Alcoholism!

A bunch of my buddies have the same time off so I can assure you all that I will have my fun. I will most likely not be here because the only time I come to play on the board is when I am at work. So you all have a Merry Christmas, New Years, Hanukah, or whatever else you might celebrate because I am culturally delinquent.

Be safe and have fun guys (and small handful of girls) !