Homepage layout check please

Done these two layouts for the homepage of an online shop I am making.

My client wanted one of those white looking html sites. Not too much graphics. each page will be similar in look - the other pages will sell products with buy now buttons and pic of products etc.

Product pages are not made yet and the buttons at the top of this homepage are just text where the real photoshop made buttons will go

No link works yet, I just want your opinion on the look - there are two versions, one centered, one to the left.

  1. http://www.galaxymusic.co.uk/hiddentreasures.html

  2. http://www.galaxymusic.co.uk/hiddentreasurestwo.html

I feel there is something missing but I need fresh professional eyes to review this. I just hope its not TOO amateurish. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

i like 1 better. i’m not too keen on the gradient at the top, or the font used for Hidden Treasures. other than that i think it looks pretty good.


Yeah, i agree about the font, which would you use if you could? I cant find anything I like.


well, ideally you would put a logo there. so if they don’t have a logo, i’d try to throw one together, assuming you have that freedom. the only font that comes to mind for me is CAC Pinafore (available at dafont.com).

I like the first one too. The font needs to be more elegant, fantasy like. A nice script font would work well, I like scriptina the best.

And you really should creat some sort of graphic for where the text is… even just a simple vector box with a jewl in it or something would realy help it out. Also instead of the gradient why not use a texture of some sort, I think that would help out as well.


Love the comments dudes - will now investigate like columbo :}


I like the centered one better.
About the gradient:
it keeps a certain connection between the banner text and the graphic
so that the space that is blank does not disturbingly look empty but the grey shade makes it look a bit dusty in my eyes.
I guess basically it should give kind of a noble impression so maybe a different color for the gradient could do that.

best regards



yeah, i understand you :slight_smile:

nice comments - never thought of it like that - good ideas. I will try different gradient colours.

cheers mate