Layout check

just in the initial layout phase but would love lots of critical feedback. thanks!

Rock Against Suicide

yea, I like it

not too complicated, easy to understand, clear colours not eaxctly a masterpiece of design, but functional and not bad to look at

keep it up!

thanks. any suggestions on becoming more masterpiece-like? i find the coulours a bit drab but am trying to stay with the client’s wishes of using only the logo colours.

there may be small punches of colour added to the main buttons in the form of pixel icons . . .

thanks and keep 'em coming!

ooh, i just looked at your site! i like it a lot, great motion!

you don’t have much to play with sticking with the colours of the logo do you?

not sure really how to spruce it up, I’m no much of a design guru, apparently a large amount of webdesign comes down to typography

maybe try to have a better defined layout by splitting the page into panels, like one panel for navigation one for content, one for the music player, one for additional buttons etc.
I know you have already seperated these things out, but you could go further and show the areas graphically. Just a suggestion

hey man, this is looking really good.

i like the idea of “slideshow” of images on the right side of the layout, but is there anyway to get better quality images? they just look small and grainy to me. make sure you aren’t resizing them in flash…use photoshop to make them smaller. excellent site though.


doh! yeah, i made 'em the right size in PS7, but the quality is set to 30 in flash, so that is really good that you noticed that. i’ll up them a bit


m_andrews808 - good suggestion on the visual separation, I’ll paly with it and see what happens