Site Layout

well i fancyed doing my site up again ive been realy lazy and its bin down for a few months :frowning: but ne ways this is the sorta thing im going for so any feedback or idea’s please seen as theres a big white spot.

i dont no if im gonna use a tall page and have that top center? or just have that and maybe do flash scroll text box or iframe? wat you think?

the phoenix-wings look brilliant :thumb:

i think you could improve the “PhoenixFaithCreations”-Text a little, it’s balanced and perfectly legible, but as an element of the whole design, it looks too simple to me.

iframe or flash: well, if you don’t use more flash on the page, i guess iframes would be better, since it doesn’t take a plug-in to watch them…

overall, it looks very good :slight_smile:

well heres wat im thinking of useing for my enter splash. think im gonna remove the text and leave it as the wings.

i’d keep the text, as it connects the wings to your studio/agency, i just don’t feel the font…

here’s a suggestion in futura, but that’s probably not your taste

narh that font is kool wats it name? looks very smart and buisness like if youi get me :wink:

futura, (as i said before ;)) ,the downside of it is that it is, or at least used to be, one of the 10 most used fonts in print ads…

this one is the futura from adobe’s font folio 9.0

since you like it, you might wanna take a look at the font myriad pro too, it has a quite similar business feel and is more legible in larger amounts of text, which makes it more versatile for web layouts :slight_smile:

well so far heres wat i got.

im not entirly sure wat to add in the gap on the pages, apart from the folio page im gonna link up the text to pop up windows with the work in :slight_smile:

I like it, but is there some way you can make that font clearer, It looks slightly pixelated. Other than that, super job

Hey you know that sound you have for your buttons, where did you get it. I like it alot and I was wondering if I could use it in a movie I am making.

i get my sounds from “Click_18-Partners-80” thats the one. well thats the file name shud be same as the download name right? if not poop. :frowning:

well sites just about done now. i think its good enough to be launched so :smiley:

feel free to give me some feedback :wink: oh just a quick check on the portfolio page are the links opening in the pop up windows or not?

the links aren’t even opening at all for me, I am using IE 6

hummm and i was hopeing that was just me :frowning:

although sum strange reason the links open if you use this link

anyone any ideas on this?

since you’re using a .tk domain, it loads your site in a frame. look at the source, and you’ll see. I think it messes up the pathing from flash. I’ve seen this happen with .tk domains before. Unfortunately, all the advice I can offer is to get a real host and domain. :frowning:

.tk domains are not what they seem to be desire. Yes it was free from ads before but now it has built in ads. Its not even a domain anyway, a redirection. If you cant get a real host atm, these hosts would be better for you:

hostultra -
T35 -
Web1000 - (running normal now after technicalities)

If you do got dough:
XeroHosting - ($2.50/m for 500mb…etc) or you could even get sponsored by Unflux from your great work and get a domain :smiley:

btw the site loads but not the links as said already. Improvements can be made to the site however. Watch your text with regards to the background, the font and especially your spelling and grammar because I notice that in some spots. :slight_smile: