syko i found that same one lol


Hah! see even MLK believes me :slight_smile:

hehe mlk im gettin this one this weekend which is 5 ft tall its ****ing spectacualr

*Originally posted by mlkdesign *
**teed is right, it’s used for mary-jane and gives a better boost…

Anyway I’ve tried mint flavored tobacco, you should definitely try
those… **

i know that, but i wasn’t talking about weed and a hookah but TOBACCO and a hookah. if i wanted to talk about weed, i’d make a new thread about it. no need to point out that “duuuude you can smoke weed with this, it’s called a bong, haha” as if all of us are stupid and don’t know what a friggin bong is. bah…whatever.

yeah i think i’ll try apple flavor next time.

pinx has anger management issues.

I think using a hookah with flavored tobacco is like drinking none alcoholic beer. :expressionless:

I tried it once and I think that was enough

what the **** im sorry if i sounded that way to you but i was just pointing out that you called me a retard for no ****ing reason.

no i wasnt trying to ruin your thread so sorry if it looked like i did.

so ok lets just smoke some starwberry tobacco and calm , ok?

  • teed :tie:

*Originally posted by redViper *
**pinx has anger management issues. **

god you’re so nice to point it out. i love you.

hey guys lets settle down before a mod neeeds to interveen, the7y got enough to worry about, never mind a childish name calling game.

yes we wouldn’t want to anger the mods. sorry everyone, you can go back to smoking weed.

yep,in the 60’s


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**i thought it was slang for hooker. **



Pinx, showing a little respect here and there to your fellow posters doesn’t hurt.

Kirupa :rambo:

they can show a little respect by not turning a perfectly nice thread into a freak show.

Pinx how was that a freak show? he made a statement of what he knew

look i don’t even care so just shut up and forget it.

pretty please…

Do I sense a little sarcasm. . . . .


hookahs are great devices…

Kirupa has a shirt that has pot leaves on it. I don’t think he has the right to get mad when other people talk about drugs :). Check out the picture. If you have a really good picture program that can zoom in and keep the picture clear, you can see.