Hope this isn't a stupid question

Hey guys, hope this isn’t too stupid, but i’m having a problem with a flash I’m creating…

I’m working on a flash ‘book’ so to speak, & currently I have 63 scenes. the problem i’m having now is my contents menu seems to have trouble going to and playing the later scenes…

I have no idea why, the code is correct and without problems, but instead of going to scene 63 for instance, it goes to scene 2…

I also have quite a lot of sound in there as well, so far the .fla file is approximately 250MB’s, although this sizes down to about 8.5MB’s when it’s exported to a .swf file.

I guess my question is is there a size limit that flash 5 can handle before it starts having abnormal errors?

When I enable simple buttons in the scene & test inside Flash the buttons goto the correct scene, but when I export to an .sfw file the buttons seem to direct to the incorrect scene…

until my project got to this size (mostly through sound imports) I had absolutely no errors or inexplicable inconsistancies…

Any help here would be appreciated.


Suggest you break out each scene as separate swf - the book will load faster, play faster and be more robust.

MP3 sound is very hard on your processor and swf or exe are prone to crash if > 10MB (hqx for Mac frequently crash if > 6-7MB)

You don’t know what “chapter” your reader will want to look at so why make them waith for the whole “book” to load before letting them browse

thanx, just trying to figure out how to do it like that…

some of my issues are:

in the end this will be a projector file, or an .exe file, so i’m not too sure how to make it open and close between .exe files as it goes between chapters…

because i have a content menu menu that would need to close, then the selected chapter open, then when that’s finished the user can select to either goto the next section, or return to the menu. as it is going between scenes is very easy, but opening and closing .exe files i’m not too sure about…

any ideas?

Suggest that you create

chapter2.swf etc

The splashScreen executable then loads in all the other parts using the loadMovie command.

If you want a menu that knows where the reader has been - along the line s of hyperlinks, then create menu.exe instead and load your chapter swfs into a layer above the menu (or place the menu in a MC and move it off sceen)

Running multiple exes can be unstable and is a big drain on your graphics card - also there’s no simple way to communicat between 2 exes while it’s very simple to communicate between an exe and a swf

"If you want a menu that knows where the reader has been - along the line s of hyperlinks, then create menu.exe instead and load your chapter swfs into a layer above the menu "

sounds like what I need, but the loadmovie command wants a url, but this won’t be going online?

how do I load a local .swf file as mentione das per baove?

loadMovieNum (“myMovie.swf”, 1);

the 1 here refers to _level1 i.e. you’re stacking myMovie.swf

or you could load into an instance of a movie clip

loadMovieNum (“myMovie.swf”, myMovieClipInstanceName);

in both cases “myMovie.swf” is a url and depending on your directory structure you can use relative slash notation “…/myFolder/myMovie.swf”.

Make sure you test outside of flash - loading swfs in notoriously unreliable in the flash authoring environment.

thanx very much, i’ll give it a shot!

atm i have figured out how to make it open and close .exe files, so i’m creating projectors for each scene. That’s working well too.

u need a preloader ok