I suck

does someone have some time to spare to help out
a schmuk with FlashMX?

Don’t put yourself down like that mate… What’s the problem…


its probably the most basic thing in Flash - and you’ll probably say go buy a book because its too much to explain…


i havea button on my page that is triggers a sound when it is clicked. I also want this to load the next page.

do i use loadmovie &
name each page a seperate .swf?

do i put each page on seperate scenes?

The general opinion is that, having all your “pages” or parts of the movie in seperate scene means a bigger total file size. Although it keeps all the “movie” together.

If you have 15 scenes and a visitor only chooses to view 2 of them, they would have had to wait for the whole movie, i.e. all the scenes to load.

Whereas if you have each section as a seperate swf (seperate movie), only the movie that the user wants, is loaded when they request it. This keeps the main movies file size (the one that loads first) lower, and all the other individual swfs’ sizes lower too.

But it depends on the size of your site/movie.


from the explanation, i think i should have them on seperate

then, a button on scene 1 would load the next .swf on scene 2 using what command?

You could have it as simple as:

[COLOR=blue]on (release) {

Or have

[COLOR=blue]on (release) {
gotoAndPlay(“Scenename”, “framenumber”);


and i should place stops on blank layers?

where do i place that command?

the instance?
the “down” frame?
the actual button?

On each scene, it’s good practice to have a layer called, “Control”, or “Actions”, etc. to keep your actionscript on. On the first frame of each scene, in any layer -but tidier if you use the above example - put a [COLOR=blue]stop();[/COLOR]. This will prevent your movie from just playing through and looping.

“Its…its…its aaaaaaaaalive”

thanks man.

got time for a couple other questions?

Post your questions, if I’m not around, there’s many others who will help…