Hot jobs in the coming years..?

Well I need to decide on a career for uni, and I just wanted to know what jobs you guys thought would be high in oppurtunity in the coming years?? I"m thinking along the lines of engineering/computer, but they have been around for a while so maybe not such a good choice?? Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

I seriously doubt there will be so many free computing/informatic/new media jobs, since there are really a lot of people heading in that direction.

maybe more in the are Math,Physics,…area
because a lot of people with an sympathy for Mathematical problems are now studying Informatics.

science/medical field. But as Robert Frost would say: “Take the road less taken”.

hot jobs???

crazy hitchhiker on quiet desert road
first astronaut on the sun


no-one knows what would be top jobs for sure. If they did we’d all be doing them. However from my own future I do intend to not be a web developer in 10 years time. Just think the market will be glogged and will try and jump off the IT bandwagon by then.

stay out of the IT field if you want a job, we are exporting lots of our IT jobs to India

Crack Whore, now there is a good job.

lawyer… always gonna be lawyers

I don’t know about anyone else, but I would rather be anal fisted than be a lawyer.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I would rather be anal fisted than be a lawyer.

sexual preferences left aside - what’s so bad about being a lawyer?

I figure a hot job would be anything that you like and are really good at. Even the most dull professions, if you really like it, is worth more than a ‘hot job’ doing something that you don’t like. You will also be able to make money in any field that you want - you just have to be a little more creative and differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd.

EDIT: If I wasn’t afraid of death threats, kidnappings, extortion, and clients trying to bludgeon me, I wouldn’t mind being a lawyer. Though there are a lot of safer, non-criminal law fields such as that for real estate, copyright, etc.


my dad is a lawyer and he says its boooring (after 40 years)

how 'bout replacing Steve Irwin as the Crocodile Hunter

sounds cool :thumb:

There are lots of jobs in the arts. ANd there are still many IT jobs centered around the web. But you do have to be better than just html which means a programmer. Since .net is so new still I would go with Arts with a focus on a programming language. Go to and look at some of the trends. Nursing seems to be always on the rise. Where I am at Nurses start off at 75k (which my wife does). But there is nothing wrong with Graphic design, CS degree or a lawyer for that fact.

depends, do you want to study for long or not ?

Being a doctor is great for example, you win a heck of a lot of money, but you’ve got to study a lot too.
Bioresearch seems cool to me, as well as nanotechnologies which is really hot right now…

I have to assent to Kirupa’s statement.
There is no sense in doing something you don’t like just because it is ‘hot’.

Furthermore I would like to draw your attention to 2 points.

1.) What is a ‘hot’ job always ‘slightly’ depends on what region you live in.
(To simplify the message of that statement drastically: I guess being a doctor would open more doors in central africa than at the US east coast.)

2.) There is a certain level of education you’ll have to have in every job. Every profession’s range of activities requires a special level of qualification that all your competitors will be able to show too. But more than that think about how excellent you can be in areas you like and you’re good at. If you put your energy in ameliorating in those areas you can become really, really good. Investing the same amount of energy in fields you’re not too good at might only make you average there.
When I took those management classes about recruitment at university, the lecturers said that they’d rather hire an employee with a few real strengths (and also a few weaknesses) than an average guy.

I hope that helps …

applause for the kirupa kowboy

I totally agree. I went to school thinking about money and job security but in the end the most important thing is that you’re happy. I will now direct you to DDD’s signature quote. lol

if you’re looking for something sort of IT related, i would look into accounting. drastic changes in corporate governance have caused a huge need for IT people knowledgeable of accounting (and acct people w/IT background).

in addition, accounting’s a really good way for engineers to learn general business and personal finance.

This is pretty recent:

nursing :stuck_out_tongue:

I like it, I too hope to be doing something different. But I need to be doing it right now. God how I hate being a Web developer.