How can i load a movie that is inside the same flash file?

ok this is kind of cofusing but i’ll try to explain it right, I’m trying to load a movie called mainpage (mainpage is in the same libary as the rest) in to my mainpage, get it?

please help

So you want to load mainpage into itself? Why not external?

Well you would just use a gotoAndPlay command, direct it to a number on your timeline, then place the movie at that location on the timeline.

Not really ‘loading’, more like directing. You would load an external movie though.



Recommended: Create the section as an external .swf and load it in via loadMovie() (as previously suggested)

Not Recommended, but you can: Right click on the clip on the library, choose “Linkage” and set it to “export for actionscript” and give it a linkage id name. Then you can call it via actionscript with attachMovie()