How creative do I need to be?

To use Flash properly and eventually professionally and to design animations and graphics using this program.

I am starting to get into all of this and am basically soon to do a degree in Software Development (not Multimedia) and want to develop web pages (liek everyone else) and was wondering how much of this really is imagination. I must admit I am not the most creative guy around.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I’ll tell you the secret to creativity.
You are a human. You are creative, even if you don’t know it. You are the great tool maker. The creator of science, phylosophy, and art. You are a creative entity out of mear association with the race.
keep a messy work area. Not dirty… just lots of things to look at. Go down to any cool nicknak shops. Places that sell figurines, and carvings, inspriational pictures, or what ever. If you have a favorite painting, hang it within view.
Favorite music is key, and a variety of it.
Keep really odd sleeping hours. If you can get by on two hours a week, you’ll be creative in no time.

That’s my entire secret. :slight_smile:

Depends on what you’ll want to work, if it’s corporate, no need to be really creative, they already have their logos, color charts and all that…not much room for creativity…
Look around the web, try to tweak a few flas, you’ll get your own ideas from that…and do not always use your comp, just grab a piece of paper and draw/ scribble/ layout s’thing…

Stay up late, get drunk, and see what spirits fly around your mind, print your thoughts screen into your mind and recreate it …

Whatever you want to really, who’s to tell you what YOU did is not creative?!

1 or 2 hours of sleep would be impossible to manage with the work I do…wouldn’t be enough but I will try to get as little as possible. I love red wine so getting drunk also isn’t an issue…I like your ideas for creativity though.

I will give it a shot.

Thanks for you help yet again!!!

red wine helps a lot. Merlot fan myself.

oh and I only said IF you could pull 2 hours a day it would help… I think the majority of us get by with 5 or so.

Well Merlot is nice, I fine soft red. I am a big red drinker and the more spice the better.

I go for the Shiraz and Cabernet’s.

Australian reds are fantastic if you ever get to try one.

I’ve had a couple of different ones from down under. I found them to be better on average than the american reds.

My big thing is just to stay away from the sweet stuff. A wine is not supposed to be sweet… that’s called grape juice. A sweet wine will prove with the ensuing headache that wine was not meant to be drunken like that.
So… pretty much as long as it’s dry, and has a good flavor, I’m down with it. :slight_smile:

Amen to that!!!

to tell ya the truth, its a gift. lol.