How did you learn?

How did you learn to webdesign? I know some of you took some kind of formal training and other just only winged it… Me? I just winged it the only training is had is from online tutorials and just playing around with coding allot of hours.

What I would like to know. Where did you learn Photoshop, Flash, PHP, webdesigning in general?

tutorials, articles, tutorials, experimenting, tutorials, other ppl, experimenting, tutorials, other ppl [font=Courier New]->[/font] guru :stuck_out_tongue:

Same as what Syko said, but also I’d add books.

I learned from a few books to start out, then i just browsed forums and fooled around with code for hours.

Books… To expensive for me :frowning:

Hey, Anyone ever took one to those total training video’s. I came across it when i was browsing on the web for tutorials. They have like for nearly every adobe programm.


online tuts and experimenting.

I have a natural nack for design, so that’s helped me a lot.

(plus common sense really) :wink:


…sometimes. :wink:

philosophy : i knew how to design from the start of my life,i just remember it :wink:

I started web-development at the start of last year. Everytime I looked at different websites that i came across, I just liked how it looked so thats how i started learning html. I started with flash at the end of 2003 and thats what im working on now as well as photoshop. I started out and still with books - they give you the introduction and definitions to tools used and coding. You dont even need formal training either. Some guys out there in web design have had no proper training but gifted with creative talent, its all they have needed to be accomplishing achievements.

god given gift and a job that gave me 3 months to learn how to code with no deadlines.

enhance everything I know from groups like this though. Couldn’t truly code without help from co-workers and people here and other like forums. Design-wise I have been a designer since 85 and then moved to web in 98.

Started messing around in FrontPage Express a long long time ago in order to get Intel’s 3D Java applets to work. I kinda just learned from there :hugegrin:

Netscape Webpage Editor. And looking at code source which intrigued me. Then dreamweaver 2 or 3 or whatever it was called.

self taught html/AS/flash with occasional tutorial help and 1 book (Flash 5 AS, I think)

I’m pretty good at picking up software on my own, as long as it’s not badly laid out (hello Maya!)

i got my education from class! i got taught to design in flash by some university teacher, but the sad thing is i only went for a few months, so i was i only taught the basic stuff, and we only started actionscript. and i dropped the class becuase summer was coming soon. so i never truly learned the real codes.

sefl taught html through View>source. learning flash/AS/php through kirupa and a couple of books.

i’m actually taking web design 1 at my school (can’t believe there were 2 prereq’s for it/had to get department permission b/c i don’t have them) this fall. basic html/photoshop. hahahaha. i was going to ask if i could TA if i couldn’t take it.

Crazy… Same here with phisics… :stuck_out_tongue: I’m a real phisics maniac and in the summer i would studie phisics books… call me crazy. :stuck_out_tongue: But I’m mostly sleeping the class and still get the highest grade. lol!

But I guess… Most of the poeple just learned by doing it. Are there anny highly educated people in the bisness? :wink:

Someone rubbed my head and then all of a sudden I became it. Ever since then I’ve had nightmares and more nightmares :evil2:.

No actually I got into it because of the fact that you can design realistic stuff when it comes to webdesign. Doesn’t make sense but whatever.

I learned by my brother MAKING me get into flash and he taught me how to motion tween a box and that was it. From there I because a fool and started to like flash :(. Once you like flash you know the capabilities of photoshop, then 3D, then coding…so I experimented in lots of programs.

Why did I have to get into this. Why couldn’t I just be a normal kid who doesn’t know anything except microsoft word.

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lol thats a really sad story I feel you sharif :stuck_out_tongue: