How do I learn programming?

For eg: Currently I am trying to learn bash shell scripting, text processing using bash etc. But the problem is I don’t think I can learn it. Why? Because I don’t know programming. In particular, problem solving. I don’t know problem solving at all. I try my best but I fail. In the past, I tried learning MERN web development for around 1 year but failed to do so.
So, I am wondering how do I learn programming? Particularly, bash shell scripting. I don’t need roadmap but way to learn problem solving.

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To echo what @steve.mills and others had mentioned to you in a similar post you made earlier, learning programming gets easier when you have a more tangible project that you want to accomplish.

For bash scripting, what are you trying to do? Is there a particular problem you are trying to solve that requires you to go down the bash scripting route?


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thanks for the information.

How are you going?
Ive seen a bunch of posts from you and you seem to be putting in a great deal of effort to reach your goals and I just wonder how your going?

For me my original teacher taught me that everything is data…
Me: “So what is programming to you?”
Teacher: “A program is something that inputs data, stores data, manipulates data and then outputs data”
Me: “So what I hear is its all about the data.”
Teacher: “The trick is to know what data’s important, how to organize it and what procedures you need to do to get the result your looking for”
…which is why Kirupa’s question on what your trying to do matters and learning how to see everything as data and then what ARE the steps to get the result you want (this is what learnt by doing). The one thing he (my teacher) didnt mention was the figuring out the procedure within the confines of the language/environment your working in.

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thanks for the information. I’ve left programming by now and been doing other jobs. But I plan to come back as a backend developer one day. I am trying to build my foundation.

Sweet. Glad to hear your getting work and glad to hear you havent given up on coding. For some coding is easy, for the rest of us it takes time. But you are human and so as long as your not really dumb (which you really dont seem to be) you CAN learn this, it just takes time. You can learn/do pretty much anything with the three P’s plus one. Practice, Patience, Persistence…and Passion to keep you going. But once again (yep Im going to keep saying it) you need to decide on ONE thing and hammer it down till its done. Tell us what it is and we might be able to come up with a road map on what you need to learn to get it done and then we’ll help you get there. That is the way Ive taught everyone Ive ever taught.