How do I reduce the size of my movie file?

Besides optimizing the file, is there any way to reduce the size of my movie. I use mostly letter morphing that leads to a menu, so I don’t think that I can split it into scenes. The site is: and the movie loads when you hit the “Flash” hyperlink.

I’d suspect you’re not compressing your sound. Export your movie (Shift+Ctrl+Alt+S) and look at the sound compression settings. If you increase your compression to MP3 48KB/s Mono Fast you should still get ok sound without too much washout and a significant reduction in file size (about 15% of the original uncompressed wav)

:nerd: I appreciate the reply. My sound was already set at this rate- anything else that I can do. What is the deal with the compression tool that I saw advertised on one of the Flash community sites?

You could consider stripping out the music into separate swfs and loading these in as required. It won’t reduce the total size but may reduce the preload time.

Again, thanks for the help. I am not sure how to link/open the second SWF.

Do I embed the second SWF into the first or put the action of opening the second SWF in the first frame of the first SWF?

Create a new fla with one keyframe containing a single soundfile and publish this at 48kb/s.

To load this swf into another swf use the loadMovie command e.g.

loadMovie(“music.swf”, 1) to load the music.swf

The number 1 here refers to a hierarchical level. By default the first swf that opens has the level 0 so by loading into level 1 you are loading in front of the first swf. To reference a swf in level one you use the syntax _level1. (just as you’d use _root.)You can also load into an instance of a movie clip if you prefer. The syntax is:

loadMovie(“music.swf”, mcInstanceName)

If you load into a mc then you target this movie clip to reference the swf you have loaded e.g