How do i

Okay, how do I just get the camera to rotate around an object?

hmm… I dont’ think that you can. You can set the camera and set the object that it’s viewing to rotate in place, you can even have multiple object rotating indepentent to each other, but grouped together so that you can rotate both together as IF the camera were moving around it.
Anyway… you can create the effect of moving a camera around an object, but you have to do it by rotating the object. :slight_smile:

Hope that makes sense.

3d s max + swift plug-in to export as swf…

Easy man, click the creat new camera button, set it up, then make one of your veiws (usually front) and turn that one into your new camera called “Camera01”. Set up the animation for it and as long as you make and leave it active before you go export the animation, it should play through that camera.

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