Rotating the camera in Swift 3D

How do I rotate the camera in swift 3D? Like be able look 360 degrees all around…matrix type thing…Thanks.

Let me get you a .t3d file, it is simple animation of the camera positions around an object. Have you read the User Guide that Erain has provided? Read that, and everything else will come easy. You’ll be able to do anything once you read that.

:slight_smile: nothing big, simple, look at how i did the camera positions, very simple stuff.

thanks…I’ll look at that…I’ll have to look at the manual too…

That’s exactly what I was looking for…so how do I do that…is there some sort of camera mode I click on so that I am able to rotate the camera like that???

you have to make a free camera which you can rotate or animate it pretty simple and very good to use i like animating the camera more than i do animating the objects im using it makes it look really 3D

thanks a lot I got it…