How do one create these type of kool perspective world

has any one visited one listed at

Just wanted to know how do one make these kind’a worlds???

Whats kol bout this stuff is that these are pixalted images so downloading time by flashmovie will be much less then those traced line art. [ << Kirupa can you see what i am telling. - A tutorial by you is a must here ]

I’ve done something similar to this style recently - it’s quite simple, just a matter of drawing isometrically.

I used a 3D wire from box as a basic shape for everything, then put them together and cut away as needed.

That site is made with Shockwave. I think thats different than Flash.

i am talking about the ART of Drawing & not the s/w on which it is displayed.

I can gather up some examples for you if you like, show you how I did it…

oh that will be so nice of you.

Making isometric ‘cities’ in Flash MX is easy to do as long as you make the grid viewable and set it to snap on grid and you will be on your way to making things in an isometric point of view!

i wanna know how to do it to. dan, could you be so kind as to elaborate a little on your grid thing?

can it be done on some icon making s/w like microangelo??? which one is better flash or this??

Sorry I haven’t got back on this sooner, been a little busy.

Basically, what you do is open Flash, and go to View – Grid – Edit Grid.

For some reason the default size of the grid is 18 x 18 px, so I always reset it to 10 x 10. Makes measuring a little easier. Then select Snap To Grid. This makes your cursor snap to the nearest point on the grid, which is handy for creating exact straight lines.

Then just draw a 3D style isometric box, so 2 boxes on the grid by 2. You’ll need to stick to a set scale though, otherwise things will look all wonky. Once you’ve got your box, you can put them together, cut away and add details to build objects.

If you’ve ever seen The Sims by Maxis, you’ll see what I mean.