How do they make that effect?

I realy like this effect you see on the link i have below. The one on the main graphic with the lines randomly going back and forth. I have see it on numerous sites but i have no idea how to do that. If anyone can point me towards a tutorial or give me some advice on how to do it, i would realy apreciate it. thanks again guys.

For now I would suggest a search on “film scratches” same basic principle, or you could look for AS based movement…when I get home sometime tomorrow i can post a bit of script that will achieve that effect.

cool thanks…i will look that up and see what i can find. Thanks dude.

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u could do that effect with tweens too, just draw some thin white lines…and move them around on the x-axis a bunch of times in random places, tween it, and put some easing on the frames…sorry bad at explanations. you could use that and delete all lines related to the y axis

or this one looks better

how do you delete the lines related to y axis?

actually if you’re using image lines, i’d recommend on keeping a slight y-axis movement, so that the lines look a tad different each time…

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outsourcing is not that bad dude…


outsourcing is not that bad dude…


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Okay boredom got the best of me, I made up a fully commented file for you to look at. I should let you see the inner workings of everything you had questions on. Best of Luck to you,

thanks dude…i apreciate it!