Newbie..needs help!

how do make those lines move randomly like in this tutorial… i’m new so bear with me……dvroll.asp


ok…does any one know… i think it might be like a mask maybe? any one please help!!

Sorry man… I saw your post just before I went on vacation and I didn’t have time to do anything with it.

Please reply back stating that you’ve seen this message. As soon as you do, I’ll move this thread to the Action Script forum. I believe that Kirupa checks in there regularly, and he should have an answer for you.

I don’t think they are 100% Random, it looks more like a Movie Clip with A bunch of layers of Motion Tweened lines, that go up and down…

I’m doing something similar here:

They also look like they were given a Low Alpha Setting, but their too fast for my poor, weak eyes to tell… if this doesn’t help, let me know…

yes i see your message, and S-tim something like that nice movie buy the way!