How do you convert the AVI file to .dat for VCD

Hello everyone!!!

I just want to ask if anybody can help me with my problem?

I’v created a movie using FLASH MX and export it into a movie with a avi format when I convert it into .dat file for VCD using NERO 6 The result is not quite good like a plane FLASH MOVIE is there a way that i can convert the avi file to .dat file for vcd that will not suffer the quality? please help me if there is a software for these!!!

        Thanks a lot!!!!!!

from what i understand (and you can find more info on the subject in the flash manual) director can help in preparing your files for export to video. also at downloads dot com theres a program that runs about 30bucks that allows you to convert avi to mpeg and theres no loss in quality. tip:simplfy your colors…

You are outputting vector animation as video=bitmap, so it’s normal the quality is not as good, nothing you can do as Flash doesn’t give you options for the .avi export (i think).

I deleted your other (useless) post.