How do you create a hyperlink thingy

I wanna create a hyperlink thingy. I learnt the tutorial on how to create a full flash site. But then now I wanna make my site. I want it to have a hyperlink, button, where you click on it, the stuff then appears like the CLUB KIRUPA FLASH SITE. I don’t want it to connect to page.


whaddya mean “connect to page” ?

If you want a hyperlink to open a fresh window with whatever inside, just use the geturl(“http://and-so-on.whatever”, _blank)

if you want the windows/url to open in an i-frame, type in the name of the frame in “window” (IF you are using non-expert setup)

if that didn’t help at all, spell out the problem for us…

(sometimes people ask cryptic questions) =)

I just wanna my flash page with buttons. I want it to be like, when you click on it, the movie loads, not into another site or a window. Just on the same page.

Like this site.

when you click on the buttons, they load this movie clip with all those info