Hyperlinking flash--URGENT.PLSSSSSSS

Hi…can anyone tell whether I could link a flash movie of a web page with another wep page …The link should be written in source of the webpage.Plsssssssssssssssssssss help…Its urgent :frowning:

hmmm…I think you confused me but are you saying that you have a flash movie inside of a web page and you want a button/text to link that web page to another one when the user clicks on it:

*//For a button*
**on(release) {

First of all TNANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR UR REPLY…Ya u r almost right…but I want to hyperlink not any text or button in the movie (within a webpage)but I want that when the movie is stopped then if the user clicks on that it will open the next web page

Linking a Whole Flash Movie

Step 1:
Make a new button (Ctrl + F8), name it “huge_button” and a the button editing screen will pop-up. Select the frame labels hit at the top (the fourth framein the button) and then make a new keyframe there (F6). Make a huge box at least the size of your whole flash movie, for example say your flash movie is 400 x 400 then make the big box about 425 x 425. Go back to your main timeline and open your library (Ctrl + L) and drag the button out onto the stage and center it. The button should look transparent bright blue since it is only a hit button!

Step 2:
Open up the actions panel (F9) and select your hit button and put this code in the actions window:

**on([color=red]release[/color]) {

Step 3:
Replace the release button handler with another button state if you want it to link to the page on either ‘press’, ‘rollOver’, and a few others but those are probably the only other ones you would use.

Replace the link in red with the link to the site you want to go to, simple as that!

Hope I helped!