How do you make platnum?

this just came accrost my head, how do give something the appearance it is platnum? There is no color for it. So how would you do it?

fyi- I’d like to do this in fireworks or even right in flash, though I have photoshop (just don’t know how to use it).

to do it in vector (pen tool) it is going to require some patience. And you will need a good reference picture. I would recommend doing it in PS. But it can be done in FW. Get acquainted with the different pathfinder (path combination) tool. Like intersect, union and exclude…A better way to go would be illustrator because you can do blends…

oh, right well I’m still pretty clueless. I need to know how to do it. Does anyone know of a tutorial or something?

a tutorial to make a color?

I don’t think so, this is something you should find out on your own.

do what DDD said, get a reference picture and play around.

You could search for “Platinum Style” in a photoshop forum (like Adobe’s), or on Adobe’s Expert Center. There are zillions of downloadable stles for different types of polished metal.

Jim he wants to do it in vector. Meaning each detail is going to be a path.

It is very do-able digi. Just going to have to be a real detail oriented person. I have done realistic stuff in vectors really fun but takes a long time.

think about the nature of a metal object…
if you’re going for the shiny type (i guess you are) then there’ll be stark highlights and shiny bits… not the kind of gradual shading you’d see on buffed metal for example. The highlights will be shaped to help define the object (but i don’t know what you’re making) so you’ll have to imagine how the light would bounce off in 3D, unless you have a photo reference in which case you can kinda go off the highlights in the photo :slight_smile:

good luck