How do you specify the load order of stuff on a page?

I bought Kirupa’s Frontpage 2002 book and have read it (albeit quickly and without having my computer at hand) on a flight last week. Anyhow, maybe I missed it, but I’d like to understand if it is possible to specify the order that text, objects, flash movies, etc, etc get loaded when someone accesses a page on the web. Does anyone have a direction for me to go? Thanks, Mark.

Hello markhobson,
It is not possible to specify the load order of objects in FrontPage. With that said, you will need to use a timeline specific program such as Macromedia Flash to be able to enable objects to be displayed at set timed intervals. If I am not mistaken, Macromedia’s Dreamweaver (a good FrontPage alternative) incorporates timed scripts that enable some objects such as images to be displayed in certain intervals. I will try to see if there is any script that enables timed actions in FrontPage.