How do YOU structure your folders?

I was just curious to see how some of you structure your sites before and after they are “live” on the internet.

Here’s how I do it and feel free to share yours, we all may learn something here…

[COLOR=Red]Client Folder[/COLOR] (main folder / contains 3 folders)
– [COLOR=DarkOrange]Content[/COLOR] (holds all the content for the site including images)
– [COLOR=DarkOrange]Sources[/COLOR] (everything used to make the site goes into here, fla, psd, etc…)
– **[COLOR=DarkOrange]Website[/COLOR] **(holds the actual site…)
----- [COLOR=DarkGreen]imgs[/COLOR] (all images that make up the site go here)

[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]**^ that is when it is on my machine… **[/COLOR]From there it all depends on what additional folders go into the website… there could be a gallery, or some sort of sub directory…

Some people put their css or their js files into their own folder. I don’t know why this is, but I would like to see the differences among us.