How do you

Make links work properly. When I go to the actions button and then type in the “url” and then upload it in a directory. The links won’t work.

Can anyone help please?

Can you paste the code that you’re using here? It would be helpful

off the bat I’d say check what the urls are that you are using. If they are local pages that you are linking to, then you have to work out the directory structure, from where ever you are uploading them to, to the point where the other pages reside. For ease of your mind, I’d suggest just using absolute URL’s for everything… that is starting with “<a href=“http://””>"</a> and ending with “/page1.html” or “/page1.swf”.
Using exact URL’s you can also test the links from your local machine, and as long as you are hooked into the internet, they should work fine.

Please do post the code though… we are less familiar with Flash4.0 and it will help to sort out the problem.