How does Dia Sin do that Blur Effect?

Hey guys I have been trying to duplicate the blur effect at when you click on either the men or women apparel it seems like its doing a quick motion tween with im guessing maybe two images one more blured in photoshop. But for the life of me I cant
duplicate it in Flash any help would be greatly appreciated.

its just a radial zoom blur in photoshop with modified colors in the advanced panel, i think is a 3 - 5 frames animation

Thanks for the reply.
Yeah thats what i figured I just cant tell what there doing in flash exactly.

You can use radial zoom blur and then to get it pink you can use the color the mixers to change color.

They radial blur it bigger for the first frame. And then they go back to the original in PS and radial blur it smaller and repeat it. This way it looks like the big blur becomes small and goes into the new image ;).

Thanks Reefster it looks alot better

haha it’s funny that people are calling you that now



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Lol it’s not a bad name but I think it’s funny.