How the heck was this made?

can anybody tell me how was this gallery effect made?\rcheck:\\r>> enter>> menu>>food\r\rmy question actually is… while clicking through the selection, when you click for any other “next” picture, the current picture has this fading-exit effect. Of course most of us would probably know how it was done, but what I’m wondering is… how is it possible that in a random choosing of the next picture, the current picture always fades/exits before it.

hello \rI think its relativ simple…\ryou must make an swf.file for every product picture … the first part of the film is the way in of the pic then you must stop it at the position you would like to have the pic…\r stop;\rat the selection-menu you told the actual swf-film to play \r tell target ("_level?"){play};\rand get them a variable named “next” \r _level?:next = “tomato.swf”;\ras value the name of the film you clicked at the selection like “tomato.swf”…\rwhen first film is at the last frame (actually object has moved out) you load the new film with the name which is in the variable next…\r stop;\r loadmovie(next ,?);\r\r\rthats all\rbye \ri hope this could help you and sorry but my english isnt very well

hi icefox! thanks for the reply… ok somehow I’m still confused. so you mean to say that i make separate swf file for each photo showcase… is taht right and just put on those actionscripts. What i would want to know is how can I make it possible that – okay i clicked the tomato photo, right… then it did a very presentable entrance. Now I choose for the next photo, say, celery pic…the tomato photo currently on display just exitted with the same presentational manner and now comes the celery pic with its own entrance. but back to the tomato photo, if I chose onion pic or salad pic, it would do the same exit on all of the other selections. What I’m thinking is to make this possible, for the tomato pic, I would have to make 12 different tomato exit scenes/new vegetable pic entrance and same for the 13 other vegetable pics. It is just too time consuming and require so much file size. forgive me but this is what I can think of and I know there’s gotta be something better to do it right. help me on this. :slight_smile:

what i think he meant is, make a clip for every vegetable (or whatever pics you plan 2 use) which include the tween/fade in and then stop at presentation point (label with stop action); each veg clip also includes its own fade/tween out part, which is activated ( when clicking on any other veg.\rso clicking on any veg will 1st tell the active one to play (means fade out) and then its own pic the play also (to fade in).

so i dont really have to make separate swf files for each pic? just movie clips or separate scenes? can anybody teach me in details the corresponding actionscript to make it possible? :slight_smile:

I have a tutorial that has the same effect as the spining light whilst writing a word\r\rIf you want it email me at [email protected]\r\rL

can somebosy please… teach me how to really do it. I’d appreciate it much. I still dont fully understand how can I execute this out… I’m a bit slow on this. :slight_smile:

I’m working on it, but it’s pretty trough. Gimme a few days.\rpom0]

OK, I think I have the method. It’s not very hard, actually, but you have to use a whole forrest of flags, so it’s quite long to make. But I’m on the right track, I think. Here’s my idea :\rYou have a whole series of swf that you’ll load on (press).\rYou have a whole series of buttons that will load the movies.\rNow you have to make a big clip of all the buttons that controls onClipEvent (enterFrame) what’s ahppeing both in this MC, and in the loaded MC. You make the flags communicate, with if/else all around the clock, and you’re off.\r\rpom

Totally a cool site. Awesome.

HI everyone I’m new here.\rI would like to ask Eyezberg (aka MrFreeze)\rhow to make an FX like he has as his signature.\r(somelike, fish eye fx).\rPlease!!!

Do not ask me, this was posted by suprabeener somewhere here, might still be in the archieves…i’ll try to find it!


I’m just working on some effect like the one you are talking about, and I think, I’m not that far away from succeeding. But because I haven’t succeeded yet, I tried to find an answer on my problem on the web, but didn’t. \r\rI think we have to build an own swf-file for each “menu-topic” too, but additionally I want the new file (that is going to be shown) being loaded during the outfade-time of the old movie (that was shown). That is possible by working with two different levels (apart from the level0 in which we should place the menu). One level (level1 for example) we use for fading in and showing the currently activated topic, while the other level (level2 for example) is used for the outfading topic only. \rThat way, every swf-file representing a topic and every menubutton has the same structure:\r\r On a MouseEvent like “release” on one of the menubuttons the since now visible movie (let us say it was the tomato-movie) in level1 has to move into level2. \rAnd that is my problem. I hardly tried to do it with the “swapDepth” function, but I don’t get it. I would be very thankful, if one of you can tell me how to do it. That way, I think, the movies can be handled by the ‘with(level1/2)’ or ‘tellTarget’ functions.\r\rApart from that, everything is fine. In the moviefiles there are four parts. \r\rThe first part (the first frame) is used to stop the movie until \ra. the third part is already loaded\rb. the movie in level2 is already faded out\r\rThe second part fades in the contents of the chosen topic. \r\rThe third part stops the movie. And the fourth fades the movie out. \r\r\rI hope you can understand my idea.\r\rBye\r\rRobosoc

Actually, I don’t think that Swapdpeth will enble you to swap levels. It just swaps level inside level0. But I’m not sure about that.\r\rI sincerely that you’ll make that thing work.\r\rpom 0]

If you are right, that should be my mistake, but how would you understand this Tutorial?\r\rAnd how do you understand the Macromedia ActionScriptDictionary Discription of ‘swapDepth’?\r\rOr have I missunderstood the word level? Is there a doublemeaning on it?\r\rgreetings\rRobosoc

“A movie clip’s depth is what determines its layer level”\rSee ? Its layer level. I think (but I’m not sure) that this functions changes level in the layers of your movie, not the _level.\rAnyway, I’ve done it with a crooked method. You can see it here :\…movie.html\rThe proble is that it uses loading into level, so every time you want to access a movie, it has to load it one more time.\rAnyway, that’s a start.\rpom ]

By the way, interesting site, John.\rpom 0]

okay I’m back again :-)\rYes I like that site too. And you was right pointing on that sentence. But after read that one and then looking the Macromedia ActionScript Dictionary under ‘_level’ it totaly confused me. Look what it says (especially the last sentence):\r\r"In the Flash Player, movies are assigned a number according to the order in which they were loaded. The movie that was loaded first is loaded at the bottom level, level 0. The movie in level 0 sets the frame rate, background color, and frame size for all subsequently loaded movies. Movies are then stacked in higher numbered levels above the movie in level 0. The level where a movie clip resides is also referred to as the depth level or depth."\r\r:rolleyes: , it is getting complicated, isn’t it?\r\rgreetings\r\rRobosoc

By the way, how is it going with the effect ?\r:rolleyes: \r0] pom