How the

Ok I found this at WH and I can’t stop doing it.
Fido always gets it!!


i just did it to… fido’s a nutter… its mental…

thats pretty interesting, but its probably based on some advanced mathematical probabilty thing…

=) its math… i dont understand how exactly, but i know its math =)

hehe state the obvious Ray… (-:

(nah its a good point)

Well… lol

Im trying hard to figure this out. I know if you pick a zero (when it tells you not to)…

hmm, most of my subtractions contain either a 0 or 9… but not every time =)

i dunno. its a stumper =) but i think that the 7-up has something to do with it =) , people put a 7 in it, or something like that lol , its pretty brain washing i think… =)

i didnt put a 7 in mine… cos i did it in my head i just did 1234…

its pretty nifty if you ask me… one of the better sides to maths

Hm, I didn’t try it, cause i couldn’t find a pen around :slight_smile:

I found a pen, but I tricked this one. It didn’t work…

I picked 1337 (just randomly :slight_smile: ) and then when I mixed it up I picked 7313

And I circled the 6 of 5976 …
And he told me 9 !!!
What the heck now ?

Same thing here… I picked 7 and he said 3.
Stoopid Fido.

aaaw he must be tired of geting it right…

OImg that’s cool!
How the ff…

wow! jubba posted something like this and told us how. but its still SOO cool.

its kinda simple. When you subtract the 1 number from the other, you always get XXX where one X is a 9 and the other 2 add up to be a 9. So if you circle one of the numbers, 9 - the non-9 number you put in is your number.

my mom is an accountant and loves math so i showed her this and she cracked it! lol. looks like nali did too