How to create a counter within flash movie?

I know the cgi scripts helps a lot, but I dunno how to

put it into the flash.


OK, I’ll do a tutorial for that tonight. Unless someone else wants to…

Where do you put the tutorial in?

I have downloaded the phpcounter, and its text file, all going normal, but the problem is I can’t put it into a movie, or in the flash website I have created.


Haven’t finished it :-\

But what do you mean you can’t put it in your movie?

pom :asian:


I mean I have created a flash site, but dunno how to put the
hit counter in the flash site.

Well, you could loadMovie, or just recreate it inside your existing movie. I can’t tell you much more if you don’t tell me anything…

pom :asian:

by the way, why my flash site is not loaded in full page?

WHy can I still see the white blank?

go to my site and see.

I am still configuring the counter,
if I got problems with that, I 'll post heer, thank yous oo much.

Well, for one thing, you should embed the swf in an HTML page.

pom :asian:

oh, thanks!!!

I’ll put that into html.

I still dunno how to loadmovie (counnter) in my site,
I make a movie clip, and then??

There’s a tutorial about this on this site. You should find your answers there.

pom :asian:

I’m searching, which part??


I knwo how to loadmovie using on release/ on press, these are deal with buttons.

but now, the thing is I want to load it without any buttons…


Same code, just don’t put it in the handler of a button but put it as a frame action.

pom :asian:

oh, it can load finally, thanks.

sigh, but my counter can’t count…sigh

I use PHPcounter…

Did it count when you tested it on its own?

Yes , it count as one every time I tested…

Is the the problem of the counter? or the action script in the flash site??

Maybe a problem of scope. Hard to say without looking at the code…

pom :-\