How to create a headlight blinking effect with vectorial?

how to create a headlight blinking effect with vectorial ??

I wish to create a blinking headlights effect with vectorial ;
I´ve tried unsuccesfully to create animated halos with gradients
so that they flicker and glimmer and resulted very few convincing
That´s for a mc on which there is a sport car imported bitmap picture ; effect will be placed onto the car´s headlights.


ps - d a m n car´s color is white

is the car coming head on, or from an angle or the side?

Hi David,

Car comes up from infinite , it´s a basic tween from a small to
a larger instance of the picture , crosses the stage from right up
to left down where it stops ; at this moment I want to blink nervously the headlights ;

On a new attempt I tried the following : I drew a white /yellow (gradient with white spot on the center , hot point ) 5 points star and used modify / sahpe / soft fill edges ( 8 steps x 12 pixels ) ;
It does reasonably good but I am not convinced ;

I´ve seen before a flash halo effect which reminded me somelight effects similar to Studio 3 D , but don´t remember where ;

Thank you


There is the lensflare that comes with the “Rayoflight” tutorial… perhaps that is what you’re thinking of.

I provide it for my tutorial as a zip

don’t know if it helps or not, but he offers it as a free download. I guess as long as you don’t try to take credit for it as yours he shouldn’t mind it being used in other productions.