Simple question

does anyone know how to make the “flash thing” in…=171.topic

??? (about the crimson matrix thingy)???

it looks cool, so…

gods of Flash why did you make that effect so cool?.. :wink:

It’s called Ray of Light. There are tutorials for it here I believe, but for sure at

The premise is really quite simple. You are setting up gradient light waves coming from each letter on their own layers. These are tweened and scaled across in sync, so that the light looks like it;s moving from one side to the other.

The lens flare that occures when the light passes through the middle of the piece, is a download from the guy who invented the effect. It consists mostly of gradient circles, turning.

I’m working on a rework of that tutorial which I hope will be easier than the origional… everyone seems to have problems with it.

thanks for the site, but the site have only things for flash 5…
any idea for flash4??