Logo critique+ comments

i am very new to flash and photoshop overall and i am designing a logo for myself.i want it something to do with mad_man or something. I got an idea from a monster from Warcraft but i dont know how it looks. Please be mean as you can cause i want to make a good looking logo. Also if you have a good idea for a design please post it here. I will appreciate any comments and critique. ok i am new to graphix so it might not look the best but here it is:

please be MEAN lol. just say whats on your mind.

i would try to stay away from having thin lines in your artwork. none of the elements in the logo work together, even if the elements were on their own they would not work well.

what i would do is make your character that you made more of a stylized version of the face and not so literal, also work with the font more, dont just use a font that looks like it is right out of the box. maybe bring the font in illustrator or flash and play with it. last point i would loose the lines under the logo, they dont add too it just take away.


thanks for the input but wondering what you mean stylize your char? and also what you mean by bring the font in flash? do you mean animate it?


Stylized basically means make the lines thicker and like they are stroked. What you have is a drawn logo. The logo looks fine, but like rlLife said… stylized is definately the way to go. As for the font… when he says play w/ it… make it a custom font instead of a stock font. Taking into Ill/Flash you can add and modify points on a font.

yep all the things simplistik said

well i couldnt do anything font. it didnt look good. but i stroked the logo.

here is a little blured one:

i was talking about doing something more like this. i only spent about five minutes with it.

yeah … be a bit less literal with the creature and change the font… th e “d” is kinda hard to comprehend

i like the idea for logo but i cant find any good font. can any of you guys suggest one plz.

look for a font that compliments your name as well as logo. (or makes and educated contrast). Look over at www.dafont.com . I would say refine the idea that was given to you. But the idea given has got you off to a good start.

i would suggest a font called “savatage”


i would also say that you still need to refine the logo itself. i was just throwing that up there as a quick start. keep working with it and you will come up with something good. remember more is not always better