How to fill this letters as a preloader?

ok i cant see the effect from that attached either so i QUICKLY adapted one of my 2toned preloaders… it works… (altho u shuld just ignore the .bmp… its sum random picture i had as like a logo thing for a BIT project couple years ago ;))


Silent_Voice are you using static text? (you did in the attached) If not, embed the font:)
I’ve emade an example for the setMask() with a tween i.o preload to get the idea;)


Check out this… I’ve attached the status bar from the library to an empty movie clip on the stage. And set the gotoAndStop() to track the loaded status. Is it you really want…

_root.holder.attachMovie("status", "showstatus", 1);
totalbytes = _root.getBytesTotal();
loadedbytes = _root.getBytesLoaded();

_root.percentdone = "Loaded "+ int((loadedbytes/totalbytes)*100)+ "%";
IntValue = int((loadedbytes/totalbytes)*100);
_root.holder.showstatus.gotoAndStop(intValue); //This is the movie attached from the library
ifFrameLoaded ("Me", 1){
 gotoAndStop("Me", 1);

Find the attachment

thanks Prophet, Scotty and abhilashkk. abhilashkk thats not what i really wanted in ur one the problem is its loadin the whole thingy i need only the text to be filling up :slight_smile: anyway now the problem is solved. thanks alot guys


You are welcome. Learning new things, i believe, as a never ending process. If any of the suggestions i made is useful for you that is enough… we’ll meet again

Always trying to explore the unknown horizons… best of luck

no probs, enjoy ur new found preloading skills! :wink: