How to freeze entire animation

I would like to stop all movieclips at once (and all nested movieclips of course) but I have no idea, how to do it. Do I need to stop each movieclip separately ? \r\rthanx

well, you could put a boolean condition from the root in every movieclip and then just set the bool to false…for example:\r\ronClipEvent(enterFrame) {\rif (_root.go) { // if you set _root.go to false, the following code wouldn’t run.\r//do everything in here\r}\r}\r\ryou could do the same with frame actions, or better yet, not play them at all.

hmm… how about movies which are loaded with LoadMovie??\r\rlp,\rDarkolord

Good question, will _root by _root, or level0?\rRemeber this one (check out the best of kirupa forum… :slight_smile: )

If I understood Sinfiniti’s very god explanation, you’d have to put _level0. :smiley: \r\rpom 0]

I found that amazing function on a link I got from the Virtual FX board, where this guy Ted has a great <a href=>website</a> :

  function stopclips (Clip) {\r\r    for (name in Clip) {\r\r        if (typeof (Clip[name]) == "movieclip" )  {\r\r            if ((eval(Clip) != Clip[name])) {\r\r                Clip[name].stop();\r\r                stopclips(Clip[name]);\r\r            }\r\r        }\r\r    }\r\r}

Just put a button with the code

  on (release) {\r\r    stopclips(_root);\r\r}

to stop all the clips in _root.\r\rAin’t that wonderful ??\r\rpom 0]

Thor, I meant to ask, what do those symbols mean in your sig?

if you loaded movies into levels you would have to specify each level. if you loaded into targets then the above function should work just fine.\r:) \rjeremy

thanx ilyaslamasse, that was exactly what I was searching for…

You know… there is another more simple way of doing that… I wonder if supra will tell us. I know I’ve read about the with(); method and it sounds like this is a job that this function could handle. Anyone know what I’m talking about? :slight_smile:

I was told that with and tellTarget were basically the same function…\rI’d have to check, but I’m at school right now.\r\rpom 0]

with(); is supposed to do something to everything that is inside of whatever the with(); is calling to.\r\rVery rarely are two things exactly the same. :slight_smile: \r\rNow I’m still not sure if that can do what we’re talking about… it maybe that all the objects have to be of the same origional, but if they only had to be a prototype, then you could call to the movie clip prototype and have that effect all of thost instances inside another movie clip, or possibly inside the timeline.