How To Keep Fonts Clear (edited title)

hey, i have a ?.\revery time i do the text scrolling thing, although it works it always ends up looking different than the rest of the regular normal text(the static text).\rive tried leaving it as the same font and the same size but it always changes. it looks more pixelated than usual.\r\rany tips ??.\rthanks

Static and Dynamic text have one main difference: one can be anti-aliased, the other one not, so it’s normal it looks jagged!

And is there a way to solve that ? Apart from writing very small so that you can’t really tell ??\rpom 0]

Try using pixel fonts, dunno if it gets better, it’s s’posed to though, but they’re a apin i d b to use! Get some here, and check the instructions!\

Something from the treasure chest i just found on my hard drive:\r\r"How To Keep Fonts Clear\r\rHere are the basic rules to follow to keep text from anti-aliasing (ie. getting \rfuzzy, unclear, blurred). I’ve also included a few notes that could be useful \rwhen manipulating text with actionscript. \r\rKnow the ‘Size Intended’\r\rThe first bit of info you will need is the size that the font was intended to be \rset at. Most fonts are between 8-12 pt fonts. In the case of the popular \rminiml fonts they are 8. Contact the creator of the font if you can’t determine \rthe correct size. \r\rRULE #1:\r\rBe sure that the font being used is only set to multiples of the size intended. \rFor example, miniml fonts should only be size 8,16,32,40, etc. If you try \rother sizes the flash anti-aliasing will kick in and they will blur. \r\rRULE #2:\r\rAdjust placement of text so that it rests on integer (ie 1,2,3,4… not \r1.1,2.5,1.2,5.6, etc.) x and y values. If the text is placed on say x:1.4 y:2.3 \rthe text will anti-alias and blur. The exact position of text is easily changed \rby selecting it and opening the info box in flash. Simply type in the rounded \rx and y values. \r\rThose are the two basic rules. Here are a few \rnotes/tricks for other situations:\r\rNOTE #1:\r\rA lot of times you will have text within a movie clip. Even though the x and y \rvalues may be integers it may still look blurry. This is because the movieclip \rthat it resides in is not on integer values. It’s generally good practice to \rmanually adjust movieclips via the info box whenever they contain text. \r\rNOTE #2:\r\rYou will run into a problem with the aliasing when you scroll or manipulate \rthe location of the text via actionscript. This is obviously due to the text \rbeing moved between integer values. The solution is to modify the \ractionscript so that when it determines the x and y position of the text you \rinclude a Math.round () argument. \r\rAMENDMENT #1: \r\rYou must left justify the text for it to remain clear. If it’s centered \ror right justified it will alias and blur. \r \rAMENDMENT #2: \r\rThe movie that the text resides in must be published with a set \rsize (i.e. x:300 pixels, y:400 pixels). If it gets published with as a resizable movie it will also resize the fonts and they will fall apart. "\r\rDon’t know who wrotte this, but it should help…!

Hey ! great tips ! Lots of conditions though…\r\rpom 0]

That’s why i can’t be bothered :slight_smile: You can’t read it? Too bad, buy a new pair of glasses!

That’s a nice set of rules. Probebly will move this to best of Kirupa in a while, once people have read it

thank you all for the tips and advice. i appreciate it.\rthis site works beter than most\r\ranyways thank you all and until later\r\rshado

The guest eyezberg explaind the solution very finely…gr8