How to loop audio without gaps

I find that whenever I try to loop an mp3 file, there is always a gap whenever it loops. I’ve been able to overlap it enought so that it eliminates the gap, but I realize that on many slower computers the problem will still be there.

However, I know that it is possible to loop audio without a gap, as I’ve been to many sites that have no gaps in the loops–to the point where you can’t tell where the beginning of the clip is and the end of the clip is.


Let me get this straight:
You have a music fil (not a loop)
and you want to make it a loop in Flash MX

I’d use some audio editing program first to make it a full loop and then import it to flash…


well, its a file that’s been formatted in cooledit to be a loop–so that if if was played continuously (and linked up without a gap) it would be a loop.

so yes, it is a file that I’m trying to play,

but, yes, it is a loop.

right now I have about a 50 second clip of amon tobin that I just fade in and out at the beginning and end so that it doesn’t sound too choppy…

but I don’t want to do that

I’m guessing that the problem is that when flash gets to the first frame of the clip, it takes a few frames to initialize the file, and creates the gap that I’m getting…

but how do you know how big the gap is going to be…it depends on how fast the client computer is.


I’m not a flash mega expert but I had the same problem with the MP3 loops that works perfectly in Cool Edit Pro but when imported in Flash mx gives the problem you mention.
Imported MP3 format seems to generate this problem, but the sound gap is not there if a normal WAV file is imported, then flash is used to compress the sound in MP3. I tried this suggestion and the results are better.:slight_smile:

Ditto. I’ve had this same issue with loops I’ve tried…

I think in addition to the comments already posted, the audio length has to align perfectly with the framerate timing of the movie. The “gap” could be caused by there still being some blank time in a frame between clip end and clip beginning.

That’s just a theory, because in truth I never held on to a looping audio feature long enough to perfect it.

Good luck.

Here’s some good info:

WOW, what a response


I’m going to try this