Question regarding misbehaving looping sound

Hello all,
I am new to flash so I am not sure where I have made the mistake.

I made a simple movie clip with a looping sound. When this movie is played over the flash player timing is flawless however when it is played over the web there is gap between the loop (2 to 1 sec). As the movie loop, the gap between loop gets shoter and shoter - eventually no gaps between the loop.

Also while the movie is in play if a new nav. window oftens (or a program), the gaps between the loop continue to exist if not making the gap longer. see it here

In general I am having trouble with working with looping sound. When I import sound file, the file only fits into a blank frame instead of using frame as much as time of music takes. I can extend that single frame to however long the file goes to (the wave on frame) but this doesnot look like exact time that sound last. Is there a easy way to know how many frames will the sound file take? I know how long the sound is in sec but the sound files are rarely exact sec (more of 2.3, 2.7 sect and so on). I have read tutorial from flashkit about finding bpm etc but it is not helping me at all.
And how do I use a 3 sec loop over a moive that is longer than 3 sec?

Any help will be appreciated.

btw, I really enjoy your tutorials alot easier than some of flashkit’s. Including .fla with tutorial is great.

I am not exactly sure about this but, i think it might be the streaming of the file over the net. Is the loop fine when it is looping in flash? With my site i have just put the loop on the first frame and put in the maximum loop in the sound properties box. It loops fine as long as u dont start the movie over again otherwise it will echo the loop. With the problem with knowing how long the sound goes for, you say u know how long the loop is in seconds so press ctrl+m for your movie properties and change your fps(frames per second) i usually set mine to 24, that way u can work out how many frames the loop takes up. also once u have done that u can goto the sound properties box i mentioned before and change the the way it plays to ‘stream’ instead of ‘event’ or ‘start’ i find this easier to sinc my movies to as when u move your timeline bar over the frames the sound plays, hope this has help you dude. If not u can email me if u want. [email protected]


Thanks for the info. I really appreciate your help.