How to luanch .exe according to resolution?

Good afternoon.

I think I probably set myself up wrong. I want to put 2 .exe not .swf files (I created in Swish: 1 file for 800x600 rez the other for 1024x768 rez) on a CD, I then want the CD to autorun and launch the appropriate file according to the users resolution settings. My main file is the 800x600 file.

I was thinking it might be done by adding something to the begining of the 800x600 file & when it begins to load it will scan the system first, then launch the appropriste file & stop the one without the proper rez. Would I add some special script, fscommand,combination script & commands,…etc? Or add an HTML file to the CD to achieve this function (but then I dont think you can autorun, because autorun cant launch an HTML file) Is there a tutorial or example I could see somewhere, unfortunately I cant write code. Im getting a little lost, am I even close?.

Thank you