How to make a marquee in flash?

It’s actually very simple, I think, but I haven’t found it yet, please help me. This is a marque if you don’t know what it is:

<marquee style=“font-weight: bold; font-family: Arial; color: #C0C0C0; font-size: 8 pt”>Now this is HTML code, very easy</marquee>

I think it could be done by adding a letter to an dynamic textbox, but how do you take those letters out of a text, i don’t want to put each letter in an action script, that’s too much work to make or to change


you could just highlight the text, and press F8 to convert it to a MovieClip and then just tween it across the screen.

yes… jubba is correct. Though I’ll provide a little more detailed explination.

Create your text with the text tool.

select the frame where the text is located.

use menu option “Insert/Create Motion tween”

select a frame further down the timeline. 40 to 60 frames for something as slow as that one you’ve displayed.

Use menu option “Insert/Key Frame”

Select that first keyframe. Using the black arrow tool, click on the text, and drag it off the stage to the right.

Select the last frame in your tween, and click on the text, dragging it off the stage to the left.

voila… it’s a marquee

Wow you really know a lot, but how do you let it disappear then if you want your marquee to be half the size of your movie canvas, bij background is an image and a texture, so I cannot create a square with the same filling like my background, how on earth could i do that?


I would use a mask to make a smaller area where you want the text to be seen.

Good luck,

you can always make a square of the same stuff, but msjensen is right… a mask would work better.

take the layer with the text tween, and make a layer above it. Double click on the layer symbol, to the left of the layer name, and in the dialogue box that opens, choose “mask”.
Then double click on the layer symbol of the layer with the text tween, and in the dialogue box that opens, choose “masked”.

in the mask layer, draw a square of fill, where you want the words to apear. Only in that square of fill will anything in the mask layer show up.