How to make scroller that could scroll pictures?

Hmmm… HOw do you guys make scrollers that could scroll pictures??? Wat is the code for that??

actually i was thinking of a more simpler one…

heres a simple unrefined idea which i made (can probably be imrpoved!!)

this goes ON A CLIP which contains

  1. the object you want to scroll (covered by a mask)
  2. and the scroll buttons
    onClipEvent (enterFrame){
    if( x == “+1”){
    if( y == “+2”){
    this goes inside the clip on the buttons
    on( press ){
    x = +1;
    on( release, releaseOutside ){
    x = 0;
    [/AS]where +1 is scroll up and on scroll down put +2
    then name the scrolled object ‘b’ in this case and away you go