How to slow down tweens?

Does anyone know a way to slow down the tweens? I have tried using ease, by adjusting it to -50 and even -100, but it tweens still play very quickly. Any ideas?

frame rate in state off 12 -->6 for example

Setting the frame rate lower works, but it causes all the tweens to slow down. How could I set certain tweens to be fast and some others to be slower?

Just adjust the number of frames that the tween happens over.

So a long tween would occur over a space of say 40 frames, whilst a quick tween would only take 10 frames. :slight_smile:

there is something where you can said how fast an animation can be in the beginning and the ending

i look up it

under motion you see ease, that’s what you are looking for i think

virus, i have tried that but it only works with the number of frames used for the movie clip.

I guess that’s the only to do it without, AS.

Do you know the AS to control the speed of the object or movie clip?


with as, i can’t help you,

good luck

post your code, onLOoker. :slight_smile:

file is too large.

the code, not the .fla. :stuck_out_tongue:

can you show me a sample script of controlling the speed. I can apply to it to my movie clip.

a simple linear tween?

// protoype
MovieClip.prototype.linearTween = function(endx, endy, duration) {
	var x = (endx-this._x)/duration, y = (endy-this._y)/duration, t;
	this.onEnterFrame = function() {
		if (t++<duration) {
			this._x += x;
			this._y += y;
		} else {
			delete this.onEnterFrame;
// usage
myMovieClip.linearTween(240, 140, 48);

Hey Kax, I have another question. This is actually more important.

There’s a tutorial on here that explains how to do falling snow.

However, I have modified it to rain. The problem with this effect is it only works base on the size of the movie stage.

let’s say, I want it to rain or snow at a precise area, how would I calculate it for it to snow or rain at the certer point of the movie stage? The tutorial is on kirupa, falling know, under the flash mx, and special effects area of this website. Do you know how to resolve this problem?

sorry… i didn’t see your last reply. :-\

anyway, here you go.