How to stop button sounds overlapping? PLEASE HELP! :(

I have 4 buttons playing music loops. The sound clips have been dragged into the down frames of the buttons, no actionscript.

The problem I have is that if one sound is triggered on one button, then another button is clicked the sounds overlap. What I’d like is for the second button to simply cut off the sound of the first.

I’ve been googling all this morning, trying to work this out, with little luck. I’m aware this can be done using sound object, but tbh I am a real Actionscript n00b and most of the script I’m finding on websites is out of context and I get error messages when I use it and export my movie.

The only code I currently have attached to this button is:

on (press)

I’m using Flash MX 2004, V7.

If anyone can offer help here, I’d really appreciate it. I’m pretty frustrated! :hurt:

What you want can only be accomplished using the soundObject.

Thanks, that’s the stuff!

I found it in the end! :sigh: :slight_smile: